Hi there!

My name is Justin and I am an aspiring data scientist looking to leverage AI/ML in healthcare! Currently, I am a PhD Candidate at the Big Data Institute, University of Oxford, advised by David Eyre, Sarah Walker, and David Clifton. We are working towards AI-based smart hospitals by developing, deploying, and evaluating tools to help hospitals manage patient demand. My doctoral studies are generously funded by Oxford University Press via the Clarendon Fund Scholarship.

In January 2024, I began my visit to Stanford University as a Canadian Fulbrighter. I joined the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine & Imaging (AIMI) to develop multimodal generative AI in radiology under Curtis Langlotz.

I was trained as a biomedical engineer and earned my BASc in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto. My undergraduate thesis involved applying 3D ResNets and radiomics to differentiate brain MRI. I also worked with Alistair Johnson and deployed a clinical terminology annotation dashboard with NLP to support multi-site analyses of EHRs. Additionally, under Matthew McDermott, I contributed to the task querying features of “EventStreamGPT”, a pre-processing and modeling library designed for foundation models and medical record time series.


  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Medical Informatics
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Clinical AI
  • Ophthalmology